The Louisiana Softball Coaches Association was founded in May, 1990 by a group of dedicated high school softball coaches who wanted to devise ways to promote the sport, aid the coaches, and honor the athletes who play our sport. (Link to Original Formation Letter)

The following goals were developed at the meeting:

The LSCA accomplished each of these goals early in its formation. During these times, the LSCA also established a FACEBOOK page.

Later the LSCA was also successful in getting the LHSAA to include softball as one of the sports to honor its players in the LHSAA All-Academic Program.

In subsequent years, the LSCA began the sponsorship of a Scholarship Program for high school graduating Softball players. These scholarships were to be used for college expenses. The LSCA later began giving a Distinguished Service Award Program to an individual or group that has greatly aided our organization. During that time the LSCA starting recognizing its Past Presidents in the published Coaches Directory.

In 2013, an Email Blast System was established to better inform coaches about current events, issues and notices in a timely manner. In 2016 the LSCA Web Site was upgraded. In 2022 the LSCA moved it’s web site domain to LASoftball.org. The move was transparent to all users. During the summer of 2022 the web site is being upgraded.

In addition, the LSCA works closely with the Louisiana High School Athletic Association to make recommendations on issues and rules that enhance the game of softball for the athletes in the season, the playoffs and the state tournament. They also work with the Louisiana High School Coaches Association as it relates to the operation of the All-Star Game. If you are not a member or you want to renew your membership, join or renew today.  Click on link below for a membership form:


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