When registering your senior student-athletes online under the eligibility section, you must include their first 6 semester GPA or registration will not be completed. Once submitted, this completes the All-Academic Nomination process.

For a senior athlete to be eligible for the class/division team and the composite team, the following guidelines must be met:

  1. Grade Point Average
    • The student must have a six semester grade point average of 3.5000 or better.
    • The grade point average must be calculated using the four-point scale. No extra quality points shall be added (ex. Honors courses, AP classes).
    • All grade point averages shall be carried out to four places and shall not be rounded up. Un-weighted GPA
  2. Nomination Process
    • Only senior athletes are eligible.
    • Nominate by GPA not by position.
    • Include GPA when registering senior athlete online.
    • Include the Yes or No answer (Has this student participated two year are more in this sport?). Only Eligible for All Academic if the student has participated in two years or more in the sport Nominate.
  3. Sport, Composition and Deadlines  (See Deadline dates below along with the Sports that accept Nominations)

    Please make sure the names are spelled correct online before the deadline. What you have online will be printed on the certificate.


    Must Submit by Week 15 See Calendar
    Cross Country (Boys’ & Girls’) – 14Football – 24Swimming (Boys’ and Girls’) – 22Volleyball – 12



    Must submit by week 28 See Calendar
    Basketball (Boys’ and Girls’) – 10Soccer (Boys’ & Girls’) – 22Power Lifting-(Boys’ & Girls’) – 12Wrestling – 14



    Must submit by week 37 See Calendar
    Baseball – 18
    Gymnastics (Boys’ & Girls’) – 12
    Bowling (Boys’ & Girls’) – 12
    Softball – 18
    Golf (Boys’ & Girls’) – 10
    Tennis (Boys’ & Girls’) – 16
    Track & Field (Boys’ & Girls’) – 34  


  4. Class/Division and Composite Teams
    • Class/Division Teams shall be made up of all students with grade point averages of 3.5000 or better.
    • Composite teams shall be made up of those highest grade point averages un-weighted as per composition for each sport. (Ties in GPA’s will make the teams as well.)
    • Principals will be able to download a class/division team certificate and complete for students from their school. A list of all students making the class/division team will be posted on the Members online website.
      Print the Class/divisional team awards for your Award presentation.
    • Principals will be notified by email if a student from their school makes the composite team. The school will then have 10 calendar days to submit the students’ transcript (by fax) to Renee Ballard at 225-296-5919.
    • Once all composite GPA’s are verified, the student will be sent a form, to be returned, confirming their attendance at the state championship event, for that sport, to receive their plaque. Only those students choosing to attend and returning the request will be honored. NOT THE CLASS TEAM-ONLY THE COMPOSITE
    • Exceptions- There is no exceptions to any of the rules pertaining to the GPA’s, deadlines, transcripts or student confirmation of attendance.

(See next page for how to nominate Athletes for All-Academic)

LHSAA / Exxon Mobil All-Academic Program presented by ISC

The LHSAA / Exxon Mobil All-Academic Award Program presented by ISC that recognizes the academic excellence of senior student-athletes who have attained a 3.5 grade point average or higher by placing them on the Composite All-Academic Team or Class All-Academic Team.

To earn Composite Team honors, a student-athlete’s six-semester GPA must be one of the 18 highest in all seven classifications.  If there are any ties at the eighteenth position, all student-athletes are placed on the Composite Team. The composite team  (all 4.0 students unless listed to break the tie)  will be honored at the state events. The students who will be recognized are now listed on the website.

The Class Team is composed of student-athletes with six-semester GPA of 3.5 and above. These students will receive a certificate by their school.

Requirements and Nomination Process

All senior student-athletes must be registered and submitted by a school principal on the LHSAA Member Website by the specific deadline date established.  Click the link to login to the Member Website. In order to be selected to the All-Academic Team, the student-athlete must be a senior, have participated in the sport for at least two years, and achieved a six-semester cumulative grade point average of at least 3.5 or better based on a 4.0 scale. Note: Honors classes are not considered.

Selection Process

After the established submission deadline, a compilation of all students’ GPA is made and student-athletes meeting the Composite Team criteria are notified by mail and email through their school principal of their status as a Composite Team member.