2020 Directories are in the Mail

The 2020 Directories have been mailed to all current members. All members should have received their directories by this time.  Each school was mailed one directory if only one coach is a member. If a school has two or more members, they will receive two directories.

If you have not receive a directory by now, are would like an additional directory please contact:
If you have not joined the LSCA yet it is not to late. We have about 40 members that have not renewed.  Use the link below to get a membership form. Deadline for joining is February 24, 2020 – First Playing Date.You can contact Bennie Daigle at the link above to see if you have paid your dues.
If you would like a directory and do not plan on joining the LSCA, contact Bennie Daigle at the link above.